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Recordare, Iesu pie, Quod sum causa tuae viae: Ne me perdas illa die...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Catholic Carnival LIII - Pillars

Pillar of the Church: Truth of Words

In Saying What Needs To Be Said, Living Catholicism gives a "meditation on our role to speak the truth to those around us."

In Blogging bearings, bearing blog says "Conventional wisdom (holds that) bloggers should choose a blog title with care, to distinguish it and to convey perfectly what you plan the blog to be. But sometimes, the name guides the blog, and that can be a good thing. This is the short story of how I came to blog bearing, and the unexpected places it has taken me."

In Our Name for God, A Penitent Blogger reflects on the majestic, awe-inspiring, and simple gift of one very special word.

Pillars of the Church: Saints of God

In Anonymous Saints, The Paragraph Farmer tells how "a friendly barista and a passage in Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger's book, The Spirit of the Liturgy helped me come to terms with little-known saints."

The words of St John de Brébeuf and his Desire for True Martyrdom are excerpted in Toward Contemplation.

Pillar of the Church: Love of Neighbor

In Another Self, HMS Blog offers "reflections on the relationship between the commandments to love God and neighbor, of which Jesus speaks in last Sunday’s Gospel."

In The Platinum Rule, Our Word and Welcome to It says, "It's the latest new-age business gimmick: The Platinum Rule. It's an attempt to improve on the teachings of Jesus which, as we all know, is never a good idea..."

In Love of Neighbor and the Homosexual Person, Deo Omnis Gloria leads "an exploration of our role to both love our neighbors, no matter their sins, and call them to repentance."

In Strife in St. Blog's, Ales Rarus says that a recent mass reading ("Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you") gave him food for thought regarding discontent he has noticed in St. Blog's Parish.

Sunday's gospel reading on the second greatest commandment gives Herb Ely an opportunity to reflect on a definition of unconditional love. Properly understood, unconditional love requires a balance between love of neighbor and love of self. Herb quotes a definition from his long time friend and teacher, Msgr. Chester Michael, and offers some suggestions as to how to discern this balance. He finds a clue to discernment in Lincoln's second inaugural address."

THE Pillar of the Church: Christ Himself

In Soul of Christ, CowPi Journal gives a "reflection on the prayer 'Soul of Christ' (a modern version of the Anima Christi)."