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Monday, August 30, 2004

What is dialogue?

It can be a very simple idea: literally, a conversation.

It becomes more complicated when conflict is involved. Then one person’s “dialogue” can be another person’s “obstructionism” or “delaying tactic.”

What is a “frank and candid exchange of views” to one person, sounds like “a bunch of guys squabbling” to another.

For some, “dialogue” only happens when you listen to them. If you should say anything, you are trying to end dialogue, disrespect people, or impose “a one-way conversation.”

Dialogue, however, is a means, not the ultimate goal. Dialogue’s value – as great as it is -- absolves no one of his or her responsibilities to take action.

We must respect each other. We must listen - really listen - and speak to each other.

We must not delay in coming to know the truth. We must not delay in doing what is right.