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Monday, August 30, 2004

“He will probably do it again”

The suspended priest who attacked the lead runner in the Olympic marathon Sunday was the next day given a 12-month suspended sentence, ordered to pay a $3,600 fine, and released from custody.

The perpetrator has been suspended from the exercise of ministry for the past decade. In recent years he has attempted to disrupt other high-profile sporting events including Wimbledon, rugby, cricket, and even a Formula One auto race.

The reaction of his victim, Vanderlei de Lima, was "But this means he will probably do this again and get killed, as in Formula One, or kill someone."

The perpetrator harms the reputation of all believing Christians, perverting Christian faith in the parousia into a justification for dangerous publicity stunts.

The Greek judge harms the reputation of all those entrusted with the common good, washing his hands of someone whose loss of control is dangerously escalating.