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Monday, August 30, 2004

A No-Challenge Zone?

The recent actions and statements from bishops about pro-abortion politicians and the reception of Holy Communion have made some Catholics uncomfortable. For them, religion is a “spiritual refuge” or simply “a place for a peaceful dialogue with God.”

It is not a place for them to be challenged, they seem to believe.

There is indeed great comfort in religion, in faith, and most especially in the Sacraments of the Church: a peace that surpasses all human understanding.

But if you think that is all it is, you are mistaken.

Christ challenges. Christ causes division.

So it was in the Gospel, so it has been in community of believers from the beginning, and so it is today.

If we fail to care for our fellow human beings in the world, Christ challenges us.

If we fail to protect life in the womb, Christ challenges us.

If we misuse the notion of “self-defense” in war and punishment, Christ challenges us.

If we abuse high positions – in public office, in the media, in business, in the Church – and let others fall into harm, Christ challenges us.

We should not dissemble. The weight of popular opinion cannot save us from the Truth.

Christ loves us and Christ challenges us.

Accept the challenge. Accept the truth. Accept the real and infinite peace of Christ.