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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Not bad for “Reality TV”

Sorry, but I simply must make this plug for a favorite television show.

Television is full of terrible things that call themselves “Reality TV” but “The Amazing Race” is widely recognized as a program of exceptional quality.

The premise is simple: a race around the world for a million dollars. There is no voting: the outcome is determined by luck and ability. The last team to finish a race segment is eliminated.

The fifth running of the Race is now being shown. The first leg began on an ocean pier in California and ended in Uruguay. The second leg proceeded to the tomb of Evita Peron in Buenos Aires and ended in Argentinean cattle country. The third leg included paragliding in Patagonia. From the southern part of South America, the next leg of the race will lead to Russia.

In addition to the inevitable adventures of traveling quickly through strange places, teams are required to perform tasks related to the country they are in, from eating some local “delicacy” to performing a perilous feat or messy errand.

As the teams compete under very stressful conditions, they are not always charitable and occasionally they have ethical slips. In past years, a few teams promoted an “alternative lifestyle” but there seems to be nothing of the sort this year.

The Amazing Race is televised in many countries around the world. They will start taping the sixth running of the Race very soon.