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Friday, July 23, 2004

Looking for renewal, young man?

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal "is seeking to live the vows of authentic Franciscan life in a way that effectively challenges the worldly values prevalent in every age.  Material poverty, manual labor, complete renunciation of ownership of immovable property, mature and faithful chastity, an active and responsible obedience, and living with and engaging in hands-on work with the materially poor and destitute are essential components of this reform.  The spiritual values uniting the friars are personal and communal commitment to Jesus Christ, our Savior, through contemplative and liturgical prayer, daily Eucharistic adoration, devotion to Our Lady, imitation of St. Francis and St. Clare, love for the Church and loyalty to the Holy Father.  To preserve the spirit and life of St. Francis in their apostolate, the friars will carry on the work of evangelization by preaching and other non-parochial ministry in the manner of the early Capuchin reform."
(Fr. Benedict Groeschel is a member of this community.)