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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

This nation

We sometimes feel that God has blessed us as a nation, because religious people helped establish it, because religious renewal has been so involved in its history, and because of the lofty values it espouses.

Depending upon the neighborhood we live in, however, we may be very disturbed by what we now see around us and we may find great resonance in the ancient words of the prophet Jeremiah.

Therefore you shall say this word to them:

Let my eyes run down with tears night and day
and not cease:
for the untouched daughter of my people
is broken by a great wound,
with a very grievous blow.

If I go into the field,
look! those slain by the sword!
If I enter into the city,
look! those sick with famine!
Yes, both the prophet and the priest
wander in a land they do not know.

Have you utterly rejected Judah?
Does your soul loath Zion?
Why have you smitten us
and we cannot be healed?

We looked for peace
and there is no good;
we looked for the time of healing
and behold trouble!

We acknowledge, O LORD, our wickedness,
and the iniquity of our fathers:
for we have sinned against you.

For your name's sake, do not abhor us,
do not disgrace the throne of your glory:
remember and do not break
your covenant with us.
Jeremiah 14:17-21