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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They covered their ears and killed him

It is childish.

They cover their ears and shout the ancient equivalent of “La la la, I’m not listening!”

Then, childishness turns to murder as we hear in today’s first reading (Acts 7:51-8:1a) how Stephen stayed on message and became the first person to be killed explicitly for the sake of Christ.

But Stephen, by the power of Christ, would ultimately prove victorious.

Many in today’s world also cover their ears and shout to keep from really hearing the truth of Christ proclaimed by the Church.

Sometimes – God have mercy on us – what they shout are terrible things that a few Church members and even a few Church leaders have done (or truly failed to do).

We need to deal with these terrible things – there must be repentance, true justice, true healing, and the protection of innocents – but we cannot shrink from our overwhelming obligation to stay on message and proclaim the truth of Christ – no matter what the world may say and no matter what the world may do.

And in Christ we will be victorious.