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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What parents can do to foster vocations

(Well, maybe that would not be a good approach... but seriously...)

"Some parents talk directly about vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Others simply try to help their children to learn Christian values. Here are some suggestions parents and families can do to foster vocations:
  • "Talk positively and enthusiastically about activities of priests and religious.

  • "Encourage role playing for the very young, help them to think about ways in which they can care for and help people.

  • "Make prayer a normal part of family decision-making.
    Look for opportunities to share with those who have less. Teach children to share.

  • "Discuss your response when a neighbor is sick, unemployed, lonely, or misunderstood.

  • "Encourage your children to volunteer their time, talents, and gifts.

  • "Pray with and for each family member.

  • "Speak about your life – as a husband or wife, father or mother – as a vocation.

  • "Set aside a family time each week – give each child time to share.

  • "Give children opportunities to lead prayer and to pray in their own words.

  • "Invite priests and religious into your home.

  • "Challenge the young adults to look at church-related vocations. Tell them about gifts of ministry you see in them.

  • "Ask your children’s friends what they are thinking about for life choices. They may not say anything but on the other hand, they may pick up your interest and be more prepared to talk to you than to their own parents.

  • "Take part in parish activities together as a family. "

(from the Vocations website of the Diocese of Austin)

Happy National Vocations Awareness Week!