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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Did not yet understand

They did not yet understand the Scripture
that he had to rise from the dead.

So ends the Gospel reading of this Easter day (John 20:1-9).

The beloved disciple knew the Scriptures, he heard the words of Christ, he had seen the empty tomb and he “believed” and yet he and the others did not yet understand that Christ had to rise from the dead.

They knew something and God had blessed them with faith and yet they did not fully understand.

They would understand more when our Lord appeared before them. They would understand still more when they received the Holy Spirit.

They would understand even more as they witnessed how news of Christ’s resurrection affected others.

They would understand profoundly when they themselves faced the solid reality of death.

And then, when they came at last to stand before the risen Lord Jesus in the glory of eternity, then they really understood how he had to rise from the dead.

And that would be only the beginning of an eternity of ever greater understanding and endless wonder.

So may it be for us.

By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ may we grow in our understanding that Christ had to rise from the dead and what the meaning of that resurrection really is: in our quiet prayer, in our reflecting on Scripture, in our worshipping together, in the Sacraments, in our moments of fear and loss, in our pain and in our joy, when death approaches, and most especially – by his will and gift – we stand before him in resurrected glory.

A blessed Easter season to you all.