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Monday, April 02, 2007

Care for the poor and the glory of God

Many people talk about the obligation to care for the poor, but not as many actually do much about it.

Many people of faith talk about the obligation to give glory to God, but not as many really do anything substantial toward that end.

In today’s Gospel (John 12:1-11), Lazarus’ sister Mary devotes a very costly resource to anointing the feet of Christ while the scheming Judas complains speciously that it should have been devoted to the poor.

The truth is that we need both to care for the poor and give glory to God in substantial and tangible ways, using our individual resources of time, talent and treasure.

It is good to do this by contributing to our parishes and other faith-based campaigns, but it is not enough.

To be sure, there are many obligations that we must balance
– especially our true family priorities –
and we must be prudent stewards
of our personal health and resources,
but how real is our Christian faith and love
if we refuse to manifest them in substantial and tangible ways,
caring for the poor and giving glory to God?

Miserere mei, Domine