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Friday, March 30, 2007

We’re being attacked!!

It is easy to see parallels between today’s world and the experience of Jeremiah in today’s first reading (Jeremiah 20:10-13), especially as the Church, Christians, and other people of faith are subjected to incessant denunciations by the media and cultural elites.

I hear the whisperings of many:
“Terror on every side!
Denounce! let us denounce him!”

Likewise in today’s Gospel (John 10:31-42) the leaders of the people seek Christ’s destruction.

How should we respond to such attacks?

Some people try to ignore them. Others fixate on them to the point of distraction.

Our Lord addresses the attack briefly, reasserts the truth of his teaching, and moves on.

Jeremiah calls upon the help of God, knowing that he will ultimately rejoice in God’s mercy and justice no matter what happens.

As we prepare to celebrate the central events of salvation, may we do likewise.