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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Choices for the years ahead?

"Are you asking God about your choices for the years ahead?

"What do you want of yourself?

"To use the precious gift of life as well as you can? To give as much as you can to the healing of this world?

"Perhaps you feel that without some exterior discipline--a sensible and reasonable discipline--your life has a tendency to grow flabby and unproductive. Perhaps you have a desire to strip down the externals of existence in order to find its essence, to walk with uncluttered step into the arms of God.

"You are willing to embrace the challenges of community life because you know they will draw you along the path of human and spiritual growth. You want to grow because you know that life is more, much more than pleasure and success.


"Could these flashes of insight be the way to God's answer? You would like to be married, you would love a productive and fulfilling career, motherhood, service, most of all love, in its many forms. You would like to grow in the capacity to love.

"What form of life will help you to grow in love? It can be very confusing, with so much to want and so many ways of finding God.

"If, among all these possibilities, an interest in Cistercian life is tugging at your heart as well, let us know, ask us questions."

from the website of Santa Rita Abbey