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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Teach philosophy in schools

Science does not have all the answers.

Science does reveal much about many things and it also provides tools for doing and creating very helpful things, but science has limits and even scientists will acknowledge that (if only defensively).

Many of science’s limits are due to the finitude of human cognition and the even narrower limits of the Scientific Method.

Indeed, empirical science does not even contain all of human knowledge and wisdom.

Unfortunately, our modern society and school systems have effectively divided all of human thought and discourse into two distinct realms: science or religion – anything else is just half-baked opinion.

But there is a third realm, distinct from science and religion yet relating to both, and that is philosophy.

As a matter of fact, the assertion of science as the sole guiding force of public thought and education has its origin in particular, rather old-fashioned philosophies.

This may be a good time to reintroduce the study of philosophy into our schools: providing young people with the intellectual tools and the opportunities to think carefully through questions that science cannot answer (without resorting to pure fideism).

There are a number of efforts being made in this regard. Here are just a few (inclusion in this list does NOT consistute endorsement):

Just a thought.