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Recordare, Iesu pie, Quod sum causa tuae viae: Ne me perdas illa die...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


"Come to our help, Lord,
holy Father, almighty and eternal God;
you are the source of every honor and dignity,
of all progress and stability.
You watch over the growing family of man
by your gift of wisdom and your pattern of order.

"When you had appointed
high priests to rule your people,
you chose other men next to them in rank and dignity
to be with them and to help them in their task;
and so there grew up the ranks of priests
and the offices of levites, established by sacred rites.

"In the desert you extended the spirit of Moses
to seventy wise men
who helped him to rule the great company of his people.

"You shared among the sons of Aaron
the fullness of their father's power,
to provide worthy priests in sufficient number
for the increasing rites of sacrifice and worship.

"With the same loving care
you gave companions to your Son's apostles
to help in teaching the faith:
they preached the gospel to the whole world.

"Lord, grant also to us such fellow workers,
for we are weak and our need is greater."
Prayer of Consecration - Rite of Ordination of Priests

The Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix
Ordination of Father Patrick Farley
Cathedral of Saints Simon and Jude
June 4, 2005
from the Vocations page of the Diocese of Phoenix