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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Not yet the time?

As discussions continue about rebuilding all the places devastated by Hurricane Katrina (even as another major hurricane approaches), the people in today’s first reading (Hg. 1:1-8) seem to have made up their mind about rebuilding.

This people says:
“The time has not yet come
to rebuild the house of the LORD.”

At that time, the Temple was literally in ruins, but the people felt that they had other priorities, more immediate needs.

The proper worship of God could wait.

Too often you and I take the same approach: so busy with the practical priorities of life, that we don’t have time or energy for things like prayer.

But the funny thing is that even when we focus all our energies and efforts on practical priorities, we still feel like we’re coming up short.

Now thus says the LORD of hosts:

Consider your ways!

You have sown much,
but have brought in little;

you have eaten,
but have not been satisfied;

You have drunk,
but have not been exhilarated;

have clothed yourselves,
but not been warmed;

And whoever earned wages
earned them for a bag with holes in it.

The Lord’s prescription for this malady is simple: we cannot really succeed in life, no matter how much time and effort we invest in things, unless we also invest time and effort in our relationship with God.

The time we devote to God enhances the rest of the time we have.

The investment we make in our relationship with God – in and through his grace – will have a powerful multiplier effect for our entire life... and beyond.

Thus says the LORD of hosts:

Consider your ways!

Go up into the hill country;
bring timber, and build the house
That I may take pleasure in it
and receive my glory, says the LORD.