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Friday, July 23, 2004

Obstinate? Check...

Pro-abortion politicians who call themselves Catholic are digging in their heels, seemingly more afraid of the abortion lobby than they are of the justice of God and of the accusing cries of the slaughtered unborn.

Hiding behind support for food stamp programs will be of no avail.

The divergence between politics and Catholic principles seems to be getting worse all the time, not just with regard to abortion (although the direct and purposeful destruction of innocent human life is a unique evil).

Politicians should not be able to benefit from promoting themselves as people of faith while they obstinately and manifestly disregard the principles of that faith.

None of us, of course, should hold ourselves exempt. How often have we let inertia, convenience and peer pressure affect our moral choices, in both our personal and professional lives, more than truths of our faith?

We should never stop studying the deposit of faith, in Scripture and Church teaching, and examining our lives and our consciences anew so that we ourselves by God’s grace may be more and more faithful and holy.