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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Fitting In

One of the questions many if not all teenagers ask themselves is “Where do I fit in?” Perhaps they don’t feel they fit in with their families, perhaps they don’t feel they fit in at school, often they are not sure where they fit into the great wide world.

We too may still feel like that sometimes. We may even feel like that at Church. We don’t know all those people. The Pastor doesn’t know we exist. We see pictures of the Pope faraway in Rome. We hear stories about the saints whose heroic statues are carved in stone. Where do we fit in with all this? Do we fit in?

St. Paul the Apostle (the large statue on your right) tells us in today's first reading,
“You are strangers and aliens no longer.
You are fellow citizens with the saints
and belong to the household of God
this is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets,
with Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone
in whom the whole structure is fit together
and grows into an holy temple in the Lord:
in whom you too are being built together
to become a dwelling place of God through the Spirit.”

We may not feel like it sometimes and we may not always see exactly where and how we fit in, but we do fit in, we belong. We are part of this structure, this body, this family, this Church – the same Church of the great saints, the same Church as the Holy Father the Pope, the same Church as all of those people we see on Sundays, the one true Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If we make ourselves available and persevere, we will find our place and we will share in the glory.