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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Objection Overruled

In today’s readings, people object to the work of God. What happens then? God comes back with things of even greater power and wonder!

In the first reading, a religious leader in league with the country’s leaders tries to send the prophet Amos into exile. Amos says it wasn't his idea to be a prophet: God had pushed him into it. And then God responds to the objection by bringing the full weight of doom-laden prophecy upon the religious leader’s head.

In the Gospel, religious scholars dismiss the words of Our Lord as blasphemy. He responds by demonstrating His divine authority with an amazing miracle.

Like Amos, we are not professional prophets, but also like Amos, God calls us – all of us, by virtue of our baptism, each in our own way - to bring forth the word of the Lord and to bear witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Some people will object, some will oppose, and bad things may happen to us, but the power of God will respond: sustaining us and overcoming all obstacles in ways more amazing than we can imagine.