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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Pray for it

Many talk about the extraordinary gifts of the Holy Spirit and we see these gifts manifested powerfully in the Pentecost account from the Acts of the Apostles: not just the gift of speaking in tongues, but the gift of interpretation of tongues, as the bystanders hear in their native languages about “the mighty acts of God.”

As wonderful as these gifts are, however, we should not overlook the more ordinary gifts of that same Holy Spirit.

Consider interpretation of tongues. This does not happen only in spectacular charismatic events. I humbly submit that it happens all the time: that out of what objectively might be considered gibberish or baby talk, a person hears and understands a powerful message from the Lord.

Remember this
the next time you are listening to a really poor sermon
and pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit.