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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Perpetual Felicity

She was young, married, lived in a nice house, did not have to work and had a beautiful child.

Then she accepted Christ and experienced a joy greater than anything and everything else in her life.

Then, everything in her life was taken away from her.

At one point, her father, holding her child in his arms, begged her to change her mind.

She did not.

They threw her into a pit filled with wild animals. The animals mortally wounded both her and another young woman who worked for her (but was also a friend and fellow Christian). They were then finished off with swords.

Stories of these two young women, known as Saints Perpetua and Felicity, spread around the world and their names were even added to the Roman Canon of the Mass.

They are said to have died in North Africa with three other martyrs on this very day in the year 203.

Now they live with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - eternally happy.

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