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Friday, November 13, 2009

God through Science

Today’s first reading (Wisdom 13:1-9), written thousands of years ago, speaks perfectly of many in this most modern of ages.

Indeed, there are many people who embrace Science as a rejection of God, effectively setting up Science as an idol – a false God that they worship and obey.

Today’s first reading reminds us that true Science is a way to know the Creator, if we do not close our minds and hearts.

All men were by nature foolish
who were in ignorance of God,
and who from the good things seen
did not succeed in knowing him who is,
and from studying the works
did not discern the artisan....

For from the greatness
and the beauty
of created things
their original author,
by analogy, is seen.

But.... they search busily among his works,
but are distracted by what they see,
because the things seen are fair.

But again, not even these are pardonable.
For if they so far succeeded in knowledge
that they could speculate about the world,
how did they not more quickly find its Lord?