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Friday, November 27, 2009

"...and a mouth that spoke arrogantly"

The apocalyptic imagery of today’s first reading (Daniel 7:2-14) is vivid and complex.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that the imagery applied in a fundamental way to the geopolitical and historical context of the time in which it was first set down thousands of years ago.

Moreover, the messianic prophecies in this reading are fulfilled perfectly in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who se dominion is everlasting and who will come again on the clouds of heaven.

Yet, the imagery and the prophecies of today’s first reading have also been applicable in different ways to the times in which God’s people have lived throughout the millennia.

There is much relevance for us today even the bizarre image of the beast with multiple horns – one of which has “eyes like a man, and a mouth that spoke arrogantly.”

We no longer live in an age of empires in the same way the people of old did, yet there are many powers exercised by people in this world over people in this world that are not in accord with the ways of God.

To be sure, some structures of knowledge and governance are more good and just than others and there are many in government and various field of endeavor who by the grace of God are righteous and faithful.

But there are also people and powers – in government, in the media, in science, and so forth – that are little horns with eyes like a man and mouths that speak arrogantly.

May God strengthen us in the truth and may you and I live in accord with the words of another of God’s prophets (Micah 6:8):

You have been told, O man,
what is good,
and what the LORD requires of you:
Only to do the right
and to love goodness,
and to walk humbly with your God.