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Quid sum miser tunc dicturus? Quem patronum rogaturus? Cum vix iustus sit securus?
Recordare, Iesu pie, Quod sum causa tuae viae: Ne me perdas illa die...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Attend to these things

Some of the words of today’s first reading (1 Timothy 4:12-16) seem more applicable to some among us than to others, but much of it is critically important for any of us who seek to live holy lives and share the Faith with others.

The very first words “Let no one have contempt for your youth” are very important words for young believers to remember, but they also remind all of us not to let the stereotypes of age box us in as we live and share the Faith: whether we are young, old, or middle aged.

Likewise, relatively few among us have received “the imposition of hands by the presbyterate”. For some among us, however, ordained ministry is still a possibility that must be prayerfully discerned and (depending on God’s will – not ours) faithfully and obediently pursued.

Yet even those among us for whom the imposition of hands is neither a memory nor a possibility, there was often some special moment when the Faith fully awakened within us by the grace of God: a moment that it is good to recall often.

As for the rest of today’s first reading, these words should be carefully and prayerfully absorbed and put into practice by each one of us.

Set an example for those who believe --
in speech,
and purity.


Attend to the reading, exhortation, and teaching.

Do not neglect the gift you have,
which was conferred on you
through the prophetic word...

Be diligent in these matters,
be absorbed in them,
so that your progress may be evident to everyone.

Attend to yourself
and to your teaching;
persevere in both tasks,
for by doing so
you will save both yourself
and those who listen to you.