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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do not give what is holy to dogs

or throw your pearls before pigs,
or they will trample them under their feet,
then turn and tear you to pieces.

Thus says our Lord in today's Gospel (Matthew 7:12-14).

We must tell the Truth, we must share our faith, we must spread the Gospel, but we must be careful.

Sometimes we may open our hearts to people, sharing our faith and what it means to us, and they will make fun of us and use what we say against us and against the Gospel.

Sometimes we may want to challenge people with the truth of our faith and they will tear us to pieces - not because they are right and we are wrong, but because they are more skillful debaters than you or I happen to be.

The example of Saint Thomas More is instructive. A man of faith with tremendous intellect and powerful political skills, he knew his limits and was very prudent. He did not leap into the lion’s den: he left it to God to bring him there. Sure enough, God brought him to a time and place where that which is holy was trampled and St. Thomas himself was rent asunder. Through it all, Saint Thomas gave glory to God and he was rewarded beyond his dreams.

So too we must be careful and faithful: not throwing ourselves or our faith around rashly, but being true to our Lord Jesus Christ and to His Church and letting Him lead us in the witness we must bear for Him.

(adapted from a previous post)