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Monday, December 15, 2008

Question Authority

There is a bumper sticker on some cars that says “Question authority”.

In today’s Gospel (Matthew 21:23-27), the authority of Christ Himself is questioned by dissembling men, many of whom would soon seek his death.

Each of these questioning men considered himself an authority.

And of course, generally-speaking, so do people with “Question Authority” bumper stickers (and on at least some levels they consider their own authority as being beyond question).

The one true authority is God and He, of course, is beyond question.

There is reason to question authority in this world, but there is also good reason to question ourselves.

We must be guided, of course, by our consciences, but we must always let our consciences be questioned, formed, and built up by the grace and revelation of God - through the ministry of His Church and the light of the Holy Spirit.