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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The world coming apart

Sometimes everything seems to be solid and then suddenly everything seems to come apart.

That is an experience many of us have had in life: some perhaps more than others.

That is also a common theme in today’s readings.

In the first reading (Daniel 2:31-45) there is the famous vision of the mighty statue with feet of clay mixed with iron, foretelling the collapse of political structures that once seemed unbreakable.

In the Gospel (Luke 21:5-11), when somebody points out the glories of the Temple in Jerusalem, our Lord responds with prophecies of complete destruction.

Yet, amid these prophecies, our Lord also counsels us to be neither deceived nor terrified.

All of this is a reminder of our absolute need to stay close to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all things and at all times, both when everything seems great and when everything seems to be coming apart.

If we stay close to Christ, by his grace, we cannot be led astray.

If we stay close to Christ, by his grace, we will survive and flourish in eternity, no matter what.

Let us pray for each other in the name of Jesus.