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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Keeping in step with God

In today’s readings we have examples of two great holy men - who would be known as the highest leaders of God’s people - making terrible mistakes.

In the first reading (Numbers 20:1-13), Moses knocks on the rock to produce water as the Lord had told him, but then he goes on to knock a second time, as if he did not believe that it had worked as the Lord had said. For this, he is rebuked.

In the Gospel (Matthew 16:13-23), Saint Peter proclaims his faith in Christ, is gloriously praised, and then goes on to counsel Christ against following the way of suffering, death, and resurrection. For this, he is rebuked.

Both men had been exemplary servants of God, but then they had strayed, taking action on their own initiative and not in step with God.

These examples remind us of how we must at every moment strive to keep in step with God and his will – not our own will, preferences, or schedule.

Fiat voluntas Dei

Miserere mei Domine