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Quid sum miser tunc dicturus? Quem patronum rogaturus? Cum vix iustus sit securus?
Recordare, Iesu pie, Quod sum causa tuae viae: Ne me perdas illa die...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Stand your ground

In today’s first reading (Exodus 14:5-18), the people of Egypt flip-flop on an important decision: setting aside fear of the Lord and reverting to greed and vengeance.

Subsequently, the people of Israel are tempted to flip-flop on their own important decision: thinking that it might have been better for them to have ignored the Lord’s call.

The words of Moses thunder mightily: Stand your ground.

The flip-flopping, backsliding people of Egypt suffer an unprecedented military disaster.

The people of Israel, strengthened by the word of Moses and the power of God, stand their ground and are saved.

Sometimes you and I are like the Egyptians, vacillating sinners, but if we turn more fully to the Lord, he can give us not only the grace of forgiveness but also the grace of perseverance: that we may stand strong in our faith, no matter what.

Lord Jesus Christ, son of the living God, be merciful to me - a sinner.