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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So what happens now?

Recta Ratio has a very interesting reflection on what may lie ahead for those who have frequented "indult" Masses if the local Ordinary believes that the liberation of the Mass' older form removes the need for a special "indult" celebration of it.


"For years now, we have been, in fact, spoiled. I know: driving 2 hours every Sunday to get to a traditional Mass doesn't feel like we have been spoiled, does it? But we have. We have been nourished with the Latin Mass as it ought to have been said. Frequent High Masses, with talented scholae, said by priests dedicated to the Latin Mass, usually in parish churches that still retain all the architectural and devotional aspects required.

"If every Mass from 1900 to 1965 had been said in the manner we experience it now, there would never have been a Missal of Paul VI. For every Father Finigan, Father Rutler, Father Demets, Father Wilson, Father Cipolla, Father Higgins we are blessed with, there are a dozen or more priests who, if they ever said the traditional Mass, hated it, and rushed through it like Evelyn Wood students, and never preached, and never said High Mass.

"We need to be like yeast. We have to take this leaven of the experience of the Mass that we have enjoyed, and bring it back to the territorial parish."