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Sunday, April 22, 2007

It will all fall into place

For some of us, it has been a chaotic week.

For those affected by the terrible events such as the massacre at Virginia Tech, it has been a devastating week, dominated by obliterating senselessness.

We are reminded that we do not possess the mind of God in its infinite fullness. We cannot make sense of everything and so we have faith.

Today’s readings tell us in faith that in God’s own way and in God’s own time, everything will indeed fall into place.

We hear this most majestically in today’s second reading (Revelation 5:11-14):

Then I heard every creature
in heaven
and on earth
and under the earth
and in the sea,
everything in the universe,
cry out:
“To the one who sits on the throne
and to the Lamb
be blessing and honor,
glory and might,
forever and ever.”

Everything will fall into its place, recognizing the Lordship of God in all things, even those who are “under the earth.”

It may be very hard for us to see or to understand how this could come about, but God will set everything in its place in his own time and his own way, in his infinite justice and mercy.

In the meantime,
we must seek the gift of grace and the eyes of faith,
so that like the Apostle in today’s Gospel (John 21:1-19),
no matter what may happen
or where we may be,
we may look and recognize the presence
of the One whom others do not yet recognize.

It is the Lord.