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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catholic Blog Awards results

The "unofficial" results of the 2007 Catholic Blog Awards have been posted. Here are the categories with winners and winners-up (with votes for each).

Best Apologetic Blog
Jimmy Akin: 218
The Cafeteria is Closed: 66
Pontifications: 62

Best Blog by Clergy/Religious/Seminarian
What does Prayer really say?: 91
Pontifications: 55
Cardinal Sean's Blog: 45
Dappled Things: 45

Best Designed Catholic Blog
The New Liturgical Movement: 73
Open Book: 52
Happy Catholic: 50
Rorate Caeli: 50

Best Group Blog
The Shrine of the Holy Whapping: 115
The New Liturgical Movement: 82
Jimmy Akin: 52

Best Individual Catholic Blog
Open Book: 89
The Cafeteria is Closed: 50
What does Prayer really say?: 46

Best Insider News Catholic Blog
Whispers in the Loggia: 135
Open Book: 77
Rorate Caeli: 75

Best New Catholic Blog
Rorate Caeli: 69
Cardinal Sean's Blog: 50
Alive and Young: 37

Best Overall Catholic Blog
Open Book: 100
Jimmy Akin: 50
The Cafeteria is Closed: 44

Best Political/Social Commentary Catholic Blog
The Anchoress: 70
Catholic and Enjoying It: 62
The Curt Jester: 47

Best Written Catholic Blog
Open Book: 53
Daily Danielle: 47
Jimmy Akin: 41

Funniest Catholic Blog
The Curt Jester: 192
Daily Danielle: 57
The Shrine of the Holy Whapping: 50

Most Spiritual Blog
Pontifications: 52
The New Liturgical Movement: 38
Daily Danielle: 37

Smartest Catholic Blog
Jimmy Akin: 77
Pontifications: 63
What does Prayer really say?: 55