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Friday, December 02, 2005

Caring for the neediest

Rose was the daughter of a famous novelist, but in her forties, she dedicated her life to caring for indigent cancer victims. She also became a Catholic and even founded her own religious order.

Over a century later, the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne continue the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s daughter, caring for those who are poor and incurable.

This year, they have expanded their outreach, opening a mission in Kenya.

"If you think God is calling you, you owe it to yourself and to God to explore the possibility that you may have a religious vocation. A first step in finding this answer is to visit religious communities, get a sense of their life, and try to identify the apostolate that would suit your vocation...."

"We welcome Catholic women of all backgrounds and races. To apply, you must be in good health and have at least a high school diploma. Age is decided on an individual basis, but generally not over 50...."

"We invite interested women who are exploring their religious vocation to visit with us at our Motherhouse."

from the website of
the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne