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Friday, November 18, 2005

Unafraid of confronting the challenges

"We the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco, are an international congregation of more than 14,000 sisters ministering to and with youth in every continent.

"We are consecrated women, unafraid of confronting the challenges encountered in the world of youth.

"A simple but deep prayer life, a strong community life, and a youth-centered ministry give us the strength and energy we need to face these challenges."

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"Did you ever wonder what the life of the Salesian Sister is all about? Join us for the weekend (of December 16-18, 2005 in New Jersey) and participate in our prayer and community life. Learn about our ministry with youth and meet some of us. (For single, Catholic women ages 18 to 35)."

"Days of Prayer and Reflection... provide an opportunity for some quiet time in the midst of our busy lives. There are opportunities to pray, reflect, and share with other women on issues related to discernment.... December 10, 2005 - Advent Day of Prayer - New Jersey... from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, for single, Catholic women, ages 18-35."

To learn more, click here for contact information.

from the Salesian Sisters website