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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Pope’s right hand man

He converted as a young man, was ordained, and quickly made a name for himself: eventually becoming secretary to the Pope himself.

But when the Pope died, he quickly realized that the corridors of power were not a good place for him to stay.

He retreated to the Holy Land and became a hermit: living many years in a cave, praying, reflecting on life and death, and making a new translation of the Scriptures.

The writings of this hermit would be widely read and his translation of the Bible would be the overwhelming favorite of Christendom for more than a thousand years.

Saint Jerome, translator of the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible and one of the great Church Fathers, died on this very day in the year 420.'St. Jerome writing' by Caravaggio - St John Museum, La Valletta (Malta)