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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Elsewhere on the front lines...

...of the battle to defend human life, the Holy Father today named new members to the administrative council of the Pontifical Academy for Life: Msgr. Jean-Marie Musivi Mpendawatu of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; Prof. Angelo Fiori of Italy; Prof. Alicja Grzeoekowiak of Poland; Dr. Manfred Lutz of Germany, Prof. Patricio Ventura Junca del Tobar of Chile, and Bishop Willem Jacobus Eijk of Groningen, Netherlands. (Source: Vatican Information Service)

Bishop Eijk has been a fierce opponent of the so-called Groningen protocol, allowing doctors to euthanize newborns with severe disabilities. According to a statement from Bishop Eijk’s office, "This is a Darwinian nightmare and a grave violation of the laws of God.... It is a slippery slope that will give doctors the right to impose life or death, and will lead to an argument that it should be extended to all." (Source: Weekly Telegraph)