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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Loves everyone

Raymond joined the Franciscans in his mid-teens. He was excited about using 20th century technology to spread the Gospel and the love of God to everyone. He enjoyed great success, even traveling around the world.

His work eventually drew the displeasure of the authorities and he was arrested, but even incarcerated, he was focused on helping those around him. When some prisoners were chosen at random for punishment, Raymond volunteered to take the place of a man who had a family. Raymond and the others were locked up and starved. Raymond ministered to the others as they suffered and died.

“For Jesus Christ,” Raymond at one point said, “I am prepared to suffer still more.”

Raymond Kolbe, who had taken as his religious name Maximilian Maria Kolbe, was put to death by lethal injection August 14, 1941 at Auschwitz. 41 years later, the man he had saved was present at his canonization.