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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

A good man in a snake pit

Henry was a studious and religious young man: not the most obvious choice for leadership positions (except in Church leadership), but the corridors of power can twist strangely.

The world had great need of strong leaders who were also good people. From inner-city rivalries to continental power struggles, politics was a snake pit of conspiracy, conflict, and corruption. Even Church leaders at the highest levels were bound tightly in this web.

“Kingmakers” saw great promise in Henry and he was chosen to have greater and greater responsibility. He worked diligently to bring stability and prosperity wherever he could. He strove to promote reform within the Church and to position it for a new campaign of evangelization. He and his wife were also personally generous with the poor. Not every leadership decision he made was perfect in all respects, and not everyone agreed with him, but he was conscientious and benevolent and he was eventually recognized for this.

Henry died in his early fifties, King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor, in 1024. He was canonized in 1146.