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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Catholic Carnival - conversations

Speaking and Listening

In "The Word of Life," Kevin of HMS blog gives "a reflection on the readings for the fifth Sunday of Easter (May 12), focusing on what Jesus means when he says, 'You are already pruned because of the word that I spoke to you.'"

In "Mission Incomplete," A Penitent Blogger humbly offers a reflection on the need today for greater evangelization and catechesis.

In "Judging and clarification," My Domestic Church observes how "we are called to discern the truth and speak out about the truth, in love, everyday."

In "Why I am Benedictine" (the "first part of a projected series"), Dunvocation gives "one of the reasons why I am Benedictine."

Talking in the back of the Church

In "What in the World is Holy Water?" Deo Omnis Gloria provides "an overview of how Catholics understand Holy Water as well as what it does and doesn't do."

In "Sacred Music and the Natural Law," Our Word and Welcome to It says that "a lot of us grind our teeth when we here the Haugan-Hass music played at Sunday Mass. But aside from the bad music and lyrics, could there be something more to it: How the rhythms, modes and scales influence our reaction to music."

In "Views from the Pews," Diary of a City Parishioner gives an "introduction and link to responses of parishioners facing the renovation of their cathedral."

Talking in the workplace

Today, Musings from a Catholic Bookstore focus on "Catholic Retailing and Fair Pricing."

In "Produce Fruit Where You are Planted," Living Catholicism offers "thoughts on how to be a positive, Christian influence in a post-Christian workplace."

Conversations among different World Views

"From his experience as a martial arts student, Herb Ely writes (in 'Ki and the Practice of Presence') about how breaking boards is much more a matter focus than strength. He relates the inner attitudes required to gain focus to 'Centering Prayer' and Brother Lawrence's The Practice of the Presence of God."

In "The exact same God," bearing blog observes that"when someone says 'they worship the same God that I do' that person must be making more than just a statement of monotheism; that person is saying 'their beliefs in God are sufficiently similar to mine.' How similar, then?"

Speaking to the culture

In "Pro-Life Vigil Third in United States," To Jesus Through Mary provides a "reflection on the Pro-life movement and how prayers and presence for 40 days at an abortion clinic is making a difference six days later."

In "Family: Size Matters," Perfect Work contributes a "post about the infectious contraceptivementality in our culture."

Praying together for the Spirit

In "If you liked the Saint for the Year Devotion...," "A Catholic Life, together with a friend, has a devotion that involves praying a whole year for one particular Fruit of the Holy Spirit and one particular Gift of the Holy Spirit - chosen at random by drawing from a jar. "Come on by."

In "Tutor Time," Ramblings of a GOP Soccer Mom details "a mental picture I helped my daughter create so that she could memorize the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which she needed to know by heart for her religion test this week. (In case you’re wondering, it worked. She got all seven right on her quarter test.)"

God's attention getters

In "'The Survival Zone,'" Castle of the Immaculate reflects on those challenging moments in our lives which are actually heavenly gifts.

In "The birth of Easter," Toward Contemplation (my other blog) quotes St. Gregory of Nyssa's reflection on our birth to new life that begins on Easter.

"In a reflection on motherhood ('The Privilege' on the blog 'A Song Not Scored For Breathing'), Hope realizes her mothering journey continually brought her face to face with God."