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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Superheroes of prayer

Each of us can be a hero for Christ in our own way, but there are also some incredible superheroes among us.

Martyrs are obvious superheroes for Christ: women and men who endure incredible ridicule, torture and death for the sake of Christ.

For me, the Carthusians are another kind of superhero for Christ: men and women who embrace a radical simplicity and an absolute immersion in silence and prayer.

"What benefits and divine exaltation the silence and solitude of the desert hold in store for those who love it, only those who have experienced it can know.

"For here men of strong will can enter into themselves and remain there as much as they like, diligently cultivating the seeds of virtue and eating the fruits of paradise with joy.

"Here they can acquire the visage that wounds (Christ) the Bridegroom with love, by the limpidity of its gaze, and whose purity allows them to see God himself.

"Here they can observe a busy leisure and rest in quiet activity.

"Here also God crowns his athletes for their stern struggle with the hoped-for reward: a peace unknown to the world and joy in the Holy Spirit. "

From a letter
by St. Bruno

The Carthusian website, www.chartreux.org, is a wonderful place to explore: with extensive information about their very special contemplative lifestyle (including their rigorous daily schedule); about their houses - for men and for women - in France, the United States and elsewhere (with beautiful pictures); and about vocations.