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Friday, February 25, 2005

Oscar film reviews

Here are evaluations of this year's contenders for Best Picture

The MPAA designations are listed by the film name.
The USCCB indicates morally appropriate audience.
DecentFilms.com indicates (inter alia) moral and spiritual value

The Aviator (PG-13)
USCCB - A-III (adults)
DecentFilms.com - -0.5 (somewhat problematic)

Finding Neverland (PG)
USCCB - A-II (adults and adolescents)
DecentFilms.com - -0.5 (somewhat problematic)

Million Dollar Baby (PG-13)
USCCB - O (nobody - morally offensive)
DecentFilms.com - -2 (poison)

Ray (PG-13)
USCCB - A-III (adults)
DecentFilms.com - no review (?!)

Sideways (R)
USCCB - L (limited adult audience, problematic content)
DecentFilms.com - no review (?!)

(The USCCB also has an online poll)